Dimensions: 300×250

Ad targets:

Jobsgopublic: jobsgopublic-mpu-home
Social Work Showcase: jobsgopublic-MPU-scc1 and jobsgopublic-MPU-scc2

Upload image (300×250) and link

Here’s the new steps:

  1. Take the URL from the front-end and delete all the rubbish from the end (like you usually do)
  2. Change ‘jobs’ to ‘job’ in the earlier part of the URL
  3. Add /advertising-type at the end, e.g. /skyscraper, /button, /mpu, /fj /leaderboard
  4. Add the ATS tracking ?source=710-jobsgopublic-banner-adverts

Does that make sense? Here’s an example:

with a button would become

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